Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sorry, about the few updates, and getting the hopes up on last post. Not much time to post lately. Besides the big trip last weekend (that was a blast) my schedule has been pretty boring. I did play in an intramural flag football game on Tue night. We got our butts kicked, didn't score, I think they stopped keeping score after they hit 60. I had fun, but there were about 2 kids on our team that weren't enjoying it at all.
My brother is in China now, so hopefully he'll get a blog going here soon and you can come link to it from here - at least something will be exciting from this blog.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

At the beach

Today we are just hanging out at the beach in N. Myrtle Beach.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

happy valley

Just a quick post about the game. It was fun; quite the experience. Our tickets were supposed to be in the senior section, but we ended up in the freshman section right behind the band. The white out was quite impressive, and then all the students had a white pom-pom thingy to wave, so that was a site to see, all waving in unison. I saw many great t-shirts and heard many ribald chants. Some of the better t-shirts were: "Roll up your pantlegs, your in JoePa's house now", "I don't give a Notre Damn...", "Notre Lame, consistently losing bowl games since 1995", "Ann Arbor is a whore" (not ND related, but still quite, um, creative) and many more. My friend and I hit the tailgating before and after the game and then hung out a while to wait for the traffic to die down, but it still took us over an hour to go 10 miles once we got out of town a bit. College Station is in the middle of nowhere, so there is no interstate that goes through, and the highways that do go through are only 4 lanes for a few miles before and after College Station, so once you get out of town, all the traffic has to merge into two lanes for a ways until you get down the mountain and closer to Harrisburg. We didn't get home until 3 am, so I'm glad I all of my reading done before I went because I was pretty out of it most of Sunday.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Two weeks down...

I made it through another week! It was full of more interesting cases, rules, people and professors. Penn State has tried to put together a diverse student body at the law school and it shows, I have met many interesting people from all walks of life. One day between classes I was sitting at a table with a bunch of black girls from New York City and the next with a bunch of 'kids' right out of college from the area. Today I met someone that was from Denver and the more we talked, the more we had in common, he went to school at Weber State and graduated from Murray High School just two years after I graduated, just down the road from Taylorsville.

Tomorrow I am going to the Penn State v. Notre Dame game in Happy Valley. My friend Chris, from school, and I are going to try to be there by 2 for tailgaiting, he has a friend that rents a house during the fall up there just so him and his wife can make it to all of the games. Game time is 6 and it is a white out, everybody is supposed to wear white. Everybody here talks about one of the last times there was a white-out, a couple of years ago v. Nebraska, where they killed Nebraska, somehow I have conveniently forgot the score over the years, I was really amazed we got killed that bad back then. It should be a good game for anyone who likes to see ND get their butts kicked, like me.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Getting ready for class

Since my description of school was so vague on my last post, I went ahead and timed the amount of work I did getting ready for my classes tomorrow. I spent 6 hours typing notes, finishing assignments and preparing briefs for 3 classes tomorrow. I did finish a whole weeks work for one of the classes as well. So that may help show how much time I am taking at this point to study. Tomorrow I will only have one class to prepare for on Wed, and I only have to review my reading and take notes, so that should only take about an hour.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Huskers Win, Norte Dame and Michigan Lose, What a Day!

Looks like another exciting season of college football is on the way. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy some of it before it is over. I have a bit of the regional coverage blues. I didn't get to see the Nebraska game this weekend. At least the USC game will be a national game and Wake Forest will be on ESPN I think. Speaking of ESPN, and ABC, I was disappointed at their coverage on Saturday. I could not believe how often the announcers and the producers messed up. I think the announcer called Wisconsin's AD 'Larry' Alvarez at one point, and I can't tell you how many times during the highlights, the wrong footage was shown. Then the halftime show on ABC, man is that torture or what? So yeah, moving on now...

The first week of school is over. I learned quite a bit, it is a whole new mindset for me in many ways. I spent many late nights getting ready for my classes because you never know when the professor will call on you to describe any aspect of the cases we are studying in the classes. I really like my professors so far, they are really neat. Feel free to take a look at their credentials: Terry, Groome, Farrior and Chong. The cases we have read for each of our classes have been pretty interesting, you could hardly make some of this stuff up -3 yr old on a tricycle running into old ladies, a 5 yr old pulling out (and putting back, but not in time) chairs from old ladies, perverts being threatened by whole families, groups of men tying up others and threatening castration and death, frat boys stealing bubble gum, friends suing over a car crash, dogs getting shot in front of their owners by federal officers, frustrated doctors thrusting nurses' faces into a surgical opening during a gall bladder operation, lady slipping on a piece of apple strudel, buffet owners stealing plates out of others' hands... and then the hypothetical situations that the professors, and sometimes students, make up from studying these cases (now what about this, or if that had happened, etc), it definitely keeps me awake. The professors themselves are entertaining as well in their different ways as well. I would go into detail here but it would be just my luck that the wrong person would find my page. I don't really know how I could describe my first week of law school in a way that would make sense, especially since I can't write that well anyways, but I must say I am not scared of it, it is all very interesting to me and I think I will have no trouble doing the work, it is just a lot of it. Maybe in a couple of weeks I will know more about the whole process, but for now it is just keeping all my thoughts organized and my books read. Each class gave us about a 5 minute introduction and then it was straight into the material. I have been using my laptop for notes and have the OneNote program from Office 2007. The program is pretty good for organizing all of the notes and cases, I can link back and forth and even drag things into my notes from the materials (including power point presentations) the professors make available to us.

So yeah, that is enough rambling for now, maybe I'll actually put my thoughts into a better format next time so that by the time you get done reading it, your eyes won't hurt as bad.

I may go to the Penn State - Notre Dame game next week, I haven't made up my mind yet. College Station is about 1.5 hours from us and I am sure it is a madhouse on game day, so I will have to weigh the options and see where I am with my work.