Saturday, August 25, 2007

School starts on Monday

I already have assignments for school next week - a bunch of reading, a brief and a worksheet. 120 pages in one class, 65, 45 and 50 in the others. My plans so far are to read each assignment and then go back and take notes for each class and then make changes/additions to those notes in class. Well I better get back to reading...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Books are Bought

As you can see above, I now have all of my books that I will need the first semester. It set me back about $450 (just imagine if they were all new). This morning I went in and got my id card and 'elion' login for the websites. My new email address is, feel free to drop me a line.

There was only about 8 of us this morning that got our id's and books, that means there are about 120 more students that may be waiting until tomorrow to get their books - I'm glad I got them when I did, the bookstore was crowded with just 6 students looking for their books.

As for now, I have only 1 assignment so far, read 'The Anatomy of A Lawsuit' (the thin blue one in the middle of the pile above) for Civil Procedure (CivPro). Besides that, I need to set up my computer to work with the PSU networks, install Norton Anti-Virus (free through school), buy Windows Office, and install other print/save software from school. Needless to say, I will be in front of my computer all day.

I have a request (from my China-bound bro) to give a report after my first week, so I am obligated at least to leave an entry by then, hopefully I be able to get a couple more in as well.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The summer continues

You all have probably seen the pictures from the beach by now up on Nicole's blog. If not hit the link to the right for her page. We had a blast at the beach, it was a beautiful day. I think I am just trying to stay busy with all of these little side trips (yesterday we went to Shippensburg and Chambersburg and today we went back to Chambersburg) so I don't have to start thinking about school yet. Next Wed we have a open house and then Thurs & Fri we have orientation, we do have to read three cases before then, but I have been avoiding them for a long time now. I think I can go in on Tue and finally get my school ID and website login (my ELion login) and maybe buy books. Once I can login I can take care of all of my medical requirements - health insurance, immunization records, etc.

BUT for now... I'll continue to suck every last second out of my summer.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Of goalies and cucumbers...

This will probably only make sense to my immediate family, but I must share it just the same. It looks like we may have another 'Picky' in the family, Elijah has been pickin' at his 'goalie' for a couple of weeks now.
This week it has been hot and humid and we have got a couple of big rainstorms as well. I have finally found a safe route to the temp. law building, it is about 6 miles on the back roads. I have road it (on bike) 3 times now to get used to riding again, it is actually a nice little ride, I think I will actually look forward to it many mornings. About midway is a family that we met at church. Jim runs an auto shop at his 'farm' and told me to stop by anytime. I stopped by on the way back home this morning, he was away at the Poconos, but I did get to meet his older sister that runs the office for him. We talked for quite awhile, she was very nice, I even came away with a few free freshly picked cucumbers, I'll have to get my mom's creamed cucumbers recipe.

Well, so long for now, next week is our last real week together, so hopefully we'll get out and do some fun things, visit some more state parks, etc.

If Matt or David are reading this - Happy Birthday guys!

Monday, August 6, 2007

ESPN story about Carlisle

Take a look at this story on ESPN about the old Indian School here in Carlisle. There is a new book about the football teams.


We all had a wonderful weekend. Friday night Nicole and I got to meet a few of the incoming Dickinson Law students, we met for dinner at the Rustic Tavern. Some friends from church watched Jackie and Elijah. They went to a carnival at a town nearby. They had a blast, they came back with bags of peanuts, candy and toys.
On Saturday, one of the students I met at dinner, Chris, and I went and joined a couple of the 2L (second year law school) students for a game of ultimate Frisbee at Thornwald Park. It ended up as just a couple of short games since it was so hot.
On Sunday night there was a potluck at church. A few of us got to talking and we decided to play a game of Settlers of Catan. So our friend Theresa went home and got the game so we could play. It took a bit to set up and explain the game, but it was worth it! The game was very fun and we plan on playing again on Wednesday night. Theresa and Lisa will be coming over for dinner and we plan on playing it then. Side notes on both of these ladies - Lisa is a vet down the road in Shippensburg and had been in school at CSU for a couple of years and we found out at lunch on Saturday that she actually called to check into a vet job in Cortez, boy what a small world! Theresa is a teacher at Liberty and lives outside of Carlisle (in Mount Holly Springs) in the summers. Her brother is Sid Bream, former baseball player for the Pirates, Braves and others, baseball fans out there may remember Sid Bream as the one scoring the winning run for the Braves in the playoff series back in 95 (I may be wrong on the year).
But yeah, all in all, what a weekend.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ignore this post, just trying to get a picture to work

Disc Golf

I don't have any pictures, but Elijah and I just got back from a round of disc golf. The course isn't too far away in Mechanicsburg. There are just nine 'holes' and it is not a 'long' course, but we had fun just the same. Elijah came up with a new technique on his throws, going with a 'throw and roll' approach now, very similar to his Uncle David's tomahawk throws, just without the distance and Monica Seles-like grunt that goes along with David's technique.

There is something I feel you all need to know....

The Cubs are in first place now! Let's see how long that lasts.