Monday, September 22, 2008

'Bout time for a post


This semester has been pretty hectic. Last week I had two papers to write, I also had two assignments due for law review. Let's just say the kids were a bit neglected a couple of weekends ago. This weekend was laid back compared to the one before. I still had a bit of reading to do, but I was able to take my time. I even did some of it while watching Jackie's first softball games on Sunday. She is doing better. She was actually the first one on Sunday to make contact at bat. The other team had a ridiculously good pitcher [fast-pitch]. By the time Jackie came up, she was the first one to face a new pitcher and made contact after two strikes. I think she was surprised (as well as all the coaches and players), she stood there for a bit not knowing what to do. I was just proud she swung the bat and made contact - we had tried to work with her the day before, and I got a bit frustrated. I should just be proud of how good she is doing for her first year and her age.

Cubs are in the playoffs! That should be wild - and hell on my study schedule, but it will be worth it if they go all the way.

Here are some pics from this summer and my internship. Boy do I miss it! One picture is from a late night (or I should say early morning!) euchre game, the other is from a quick Grand Canyon trip w/ the guys.

Friday, September 5, 2008

At least I did something productive this weekend

Elijah can ride his bike w/out training wheels now!

DC through the eyes of a child

We made to DC again a couple of weeks ago before school started. Here are some pictures the kids took.