Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another one of those post things...

Hey, how about an update.

It's a rainy day & I don't want to do my work, so I'll post. I just found out that my wife's cousin and uncle were part of a triathlon team that won a race. Check it out, if for no other reason, check out Trout's haircut. I also found out they have a website for their band, Blue Coyote. Boy the things you can find out when you don't want to study. Speaking of studying (warning - lots of whining ahead) lately it has been: read until I want to poke my eyes out, go back and begrudgingly take notes, and then if I am not so mentally exhausted, try to add to my law journal article, which the other night took me three hours to write two sentences, what with all the citations and research just to get that little on the page.

But it's not all school, I manage to procrastinate and fit in other things. Like work - I work two mornings a week as a law clerk at a law office in Camp Hill. I actually get to do some really interesting work there, just recently I have worked on a free speech case, a first amendment retaliation case, and unfortunately a case where a family pulled the nutrition and hydration from their own mother at the hospital.

Sometimes, while reading, I'll mess around on the cpu so that I don't poke my eyes out. The latest distractions are a game called Scramble on Facebook and a Facebook game called Attack! that is really just Risk. My brothers and I challenge each other at Scramble, which is similar to Boggle, and I usually come out the winner, not always though: my brother David continually adds one of his friends that he thinks can beat me. On Attack!, you can join live games and they usually go very quickly, I have only had to continue one game during class once. (so far)

So yep, that is what is up out here. The kids and Nicole are doing very well. Both the kids received awards in their classes for being respectful and helpful to others, and Nicole, well, she is pretty respectful and helpful herself!

Take care everyone. Maybe I should add postings to my blog as one of my many distractions to get through Tax this week. [By the way, you know you are being consumed by your classwork when you are sitting in youth group helping the kids answer questions about the Prodigal Son, and you are sitting there thinking to yourself what the father's tax consequences are for breaking up his inheritance like he did so.]

[the picture above is from one of my bright spots from school this semester, our one class had a day long leadership seminar in Gettysburg]